Pierre Cardin – Newsletter Jul 2023


HK Book Fair, one of our most significant trade shows to launch our new products and the largest of its kind in the world, has turned out with around 990,000 visitors attending the 7-day annual event,
With 16 VIP guests invited, our promotion theme this year was P+INK FUN SHOW, collaborating with artists from different area to promote the fun and possibilities with a pen and colourful ink.

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Including Including the Paintings + Calligraphy Book by bent nib Fountain Pen “24 Solar Terms” (with English translation) co-authored by Water Poon, a well-known artist who has won numerous awards including “Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Professional Youth of the Year” in 1985 and “Artist of the Year for Photography” in 1988, and Shashu, an amateur Chinese calligraphist. The “24 solar terms” have gradually been known to people around the world after being added to the “UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage” list in 2016

Another  Creative Work named ‘A Cup of Tea with Two Dim Sum Dishes’ published, co-authored by Vanessa Leung, an architect who loves travelling with her stylish urban sketching and is well-known internationally. With Michelle Ip, an illustrator and calligraphist, presents in an interesting way by calligraphy and sketching the authentic taste and style of HK dim sum food – a persuasive presentation of Art & Culture.

Great honour to share that I-WAY is the publisher of the first two books combining Masterpiece of Paintings and Calligraphy successfully delivery the artwork of different Pens, Inks & Paper as one. 

Besides, to promote the 2 new trendy ink series inspired from the CITY we live:
1) Colours of Dog’asy, the new series of shimmering ink colours
2) the waterproof Street INKasy, and GIN writing series (A Big Collection for Sketching lovers with brush pen, sketch book and bag), we invited a group of HK urban sketchers to sketch on the spot to share with the Book Fair participants the fun of sketching. An on-line election named ‘The Most Adorable Dog’ around the 6 dog colours in our Colours of Dog’asy ink series, Shiba Inu Leisurely Green was elected as the most adorable ink colour.

ink of dogasy
Street Inkasy
Street Inkasy
Street Inkasy
Street Inkasy
Street Inkasy
Street Inkasy
Street Inkasy

We will also participate in the upcoming Pen Shows:
• Tainan Pen Show 2023 in Taiwan (Oct 21 – 22)
• Tokyo Pen Show 2023 in Japan (Nov 3 – 5)
• Seoul Pen Show 2023 in South Korea (TBC)

Hope to see you in next Pen Show, and enjoy together the fun and boundless possibilities of writing and drawing with our writing instruments!

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