Story Behind the Inks


Cats and humans have shared in each other’s lives for thousands of years and this relationship has been evolved into a mutual connection and interdependence.

Colours of Catasy, the fourth series of our City Fantasy ink, is a unique long-lasting ink collection that show the natural gleaming beauty of selected species of cat eyes. The special colour of ‘Purple Passion’ shades with fascinating colour changes, just like cats’ cool and loving character!

It’s an ink series that connects you with the world of this adorable friend.

Colours of Catasy
Colours of Catasy

Chinchilla Aquamarine

A specific type of Persian cat with expressive bright green eyes distinctively lined with black, the Chinchilla cat is striking in appearance and is loving and affectionate. They are generally calm but it may take a while to win the trust of a chinchilla, but you can form a friendly bond with the animal.



Colours of Catasy
Colours of Catasy

British Shorthair Copper

The British Shorthair is famous for its distinctive amber eyes. A very pleasant cat breed to have as a companion, the British Shorthair is intelligent, affectionate, easy going and placid.                                                                                                                



Colours of Catasy
Colours of Catasy

Purple Passion

This special colour shades with fascinating colour changes, just like cats’ cool and loving character!




Colours of Catasy
Colours of Catasy

Ragdoll Electric Blue

Ragdoll is a medium – long haired breed of cat with oval electric-blue eyes and smiley elegant look. With gentle, quiet and sociable character, Ragdolls like to cling to their masters and meow softly. They are friendly with strangers, children and other animals, making them a perfect companion.


布偶貓屬於長毛貓家族成員 – 眼睛澄藍、温馴安靜,舉止斯文;愛待在主人身邊,喵聲輕柔。牠們對陌生人、小孩和其他動物都非常友好。

Colours of Catasy
Colours of Catasy

Golden Shaded Sapphire

The Golden Shaded British Shorthair is the one of the most recent colour developments in the British Shorthair breed, with absolutely luxurious look and exceptional manners. They are affectionate, smart and easygoing.



Colours of Catasy
Colours of Catasy

Exotic Shorthair Amber

The Exotic Shorthair is very gentle and calm. It is friendly, playful and energetic; loyal and like to be involved in everything.                                                                                            



Colours of Catasy

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