How to use them?

  1. Dip iBrush tip directly into the colour of your choice to draw or write.
  2. Converter can also be used in iBrush to refill ink; it works exactly the same way as fountain pen converters.
  3. To clean iBrush pen tip Soak iBrush pen tip into water until the water is clear; Or inject water into the barrel. Since the fibre of iBrush tip is nylon, water injection can easily clean the pen tip – squeeze the tip to add more water to the tip to clean it. There may still have slight colour stains on the brush but as long as water comes out clear, it’s perfectly fine!
Glass Pens


  • To change ink colour, dip the glass pen tip into water, wipe it with a cloth, and then dip the tip into another ink colour.
  • When ink runs out, re-dip the pen tip into the inkwell.
  • In case there is ink flow issue with the glass pen nib, soak the nib into white vinegar for about 10 seconds and then rinsing it with water.

Writing in different angles

  • Different width effects may be seen when writing in different tilted angles.
  • Be aware of the pressure applied as the pen tip is vulnerable.
  • For glass pen beginners, write at a 60-degree angle is recommended.
  • The 9 grooves can hold a maximum of 9 ink colours simultaneously; when twisting the pen, different ink colours will be accessed from different grooves.

When not in use

  • The nib of glass dip pen is the most fragile part – protect the pen tip with the plastic hose.
  • Wash after use with clean water; dry it before putting on the plastic hose. If the plastic hose is too tight, cut a bit at the rubber rim to widen it. The hose cover should not exceed the broadest part of the pen tip for easier pulling out.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Refining the pen tip

Use the fine sandpaper to smooth or to remedy worn-down pen tip. Simply use the piece of fine sandpaper (made in Germany) we provide, and gently rub the tip over the sandpaper to restore to its tip. Remember to change the angle regularly.




Fountain pen converters, brush pens, dip pens (including glass pens)


  • Keep out of the reach of children;
  • When dipping glass pens into the tube of iDUO, be cautious not to hit the pen tip onto the rim of the tube;
  • Keep the silicon cork at the mouth of the two tubes if you wish to keep unused ink in iDUO;
  • Not to dip the same writing instrument into both tubes at the same time to keep the ink colour original and uncontaminated;

Cleaning: pour out remaining ink from iDUO (the disposable plastic pipettes can help), fill in clean lukewarm water, hold iDUO on hand tightly and slightly shake it; pour out the water. Repeat this step until iDUO is cleaned. After cleaning, place iDUO at a well-​ventilated space until the two bottles are dried up.


You can inject your own ink colour into this fineliner that comes in a range of sizes for writing, drawing, sketching, colouring, finelining… and beautifully presents the layering effect.

City Fantasy Inks


Fountain pen ink (in particular the gold, yellow and orange colours) that left on the pen nip or the ink bottle neck will form crystalline crust since water content of the ink will evaporate over time that leaves dye behind. This crust can be removed with a small amount of water, and does not affect the ink inside the bottle. It is highly recommended to clean the pen nip and the ink bottle neck after use.


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