Pierre Cardin – Newsletter Jan 2023


In Korea, many pen shops were closed during the 2-years’ pandemic, but there is another story of unleashing the potential and redefining the possibilities of pen + ink!

Our Korean retailing partner has been striving their best to promote Pierre Cardin Writing Instruments’ pen and ink series under the vision of ‘Experience the Possible’ and ‘Calligraphy is So Easy’. They have started a new page in collaboration with PEN CAFÉ, the biggest and iconic pen shop in Korea.

The owner of PEN CAFÉ is a legend in the pen market of Korea. The 1st floor of Pen Café is a coffee shop, and there is an ink lab on the 2nd floor, while pen shop is on the 3rd floor. The rooftop is a fantastic place for workshops, BBQ or parties.

Pen + Ink So Fun!

Pen Café: 43 Toegye-ro 20-gil, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul.

Website: http://pencafe.co.kr/


Teacher Chiang, a Taiwanese piano teacher, shared in her youtube channel the fun and ease of using our iFun gift set with iBrush, Duodip glass pen and shimmering colourful inks (starts from 12’08” at https://youtu.be/nv92rIowIi0).


Let the fun of writing and drawing become a part of our daily life!

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