Pierre Cardin – Newsletter Oct 2022


The fun of INK-ligraphy with our latest well-acclaimed “Colours of Catasy” series continues to make waves across Japan, Taipei and Hong Kong.
The ink series and i-Meow glass pens have been showcased at Maruzen Bookstore, the flagship store and ‘book museum’ in Tokyo this September. Our Japan partner also delivered on-site workshops at the book store to demonstrate the fun of calligraphy!

Photo credit: ㈱プロファックスジャパンPFJ 永井和子

It also brightens up at Eslite, one of the largest retail bookstore chains in Taiwan, at its Taipei branch in its annual fountain pen ink event “INKredible Circus 2022 SUPERTRY” from September 23 – October 11, 2022. Not only our complete ink series of ‘City Fantasy’(including Catasy) are displayed there for free trial, visitors can also use our glass pens to enjoy the fun of pen and ink!

Fun under our ink + pen can’t be stopped – we simultaneously set up a FUN corner at LOG-ON, the most popular lifestyle chain store with trendy products from around the world, from September 29 – October 17, 2022. Live demonstration and workshops by a group of passionate calligraphists and urban sketchers will be delivered. Visitors have been so relaxed and refreshed under the décor of beautiful urban sketching and inspiring calligraphy; diving into the fun, memories and imagination in the world of pen and ink.
On-site demonstration: Shashu, Vansketcher, Code Pin, Roy Cheng, Yoeshee_calligraphy, Alvin Wong, Milligraphy
On-site workshops: Shashu, Yoeshee_calligraphy, Vansketcher, Milligraphy

Best Pen Pal Packs

Many ink fans reflected to us that our pen and ink sets had always surprisingly come with plastic pipettes, which were so user-friendly as this little gadget could hardly be found in the market!

We have lately introduced 5 special packs of plastic fine-tipped pipettes (0.01ml, 0.02ml, 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 3ml), which are perfect partners for any writing instruments that use ink, especially for different ink colour trial on ONE glass pen!!!!
With these pen pal packs, ink trail and mixing are such super fun!

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