15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Matryoshka Red

Life hosts stories, feelings, experiences – each one is unique and one makes own choice on how brilliant it can be!

Matryoshka dolls, a symbol of fertility and abundance, represent Russian with their big hearts, bright colors, and friendly families. Red colour in Russia connotes “beautiful”. Boost your writing with the beautiful Matryoshka Red.

15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Sakura Pink 

Embrace the philosophical beauty of transience.

Kyoto, the ancient capital and spiritual heart of Japan, is endowed with serene gardens and traditional tea houses surrounded by sakura that show us different interpretations of their beauty despite the shortness of their lives. Keep a journal with Sakura Pink to chronicle the transience of life, and to enjoy their efforts to the fullest.

15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

La Havana Vintage Pink

The romance of colour and contrast never fades.

Havana of Cuba always surprises us with its stirring cadence, extraordinary blend of cultures and singular music. Ride on La Havana Vintage Pink to discover the city secrets.

15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Sky Blue

The blue of the sky and the glass 101 reflect the bed of blue they are nestled within.

Towering over the blue skyline of Taipei, every day is a good day under the Sky Blue.

15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Taegeuk Blue

Harmony and integrity take pride

The ultimate navy blue is like Korean-style blue-tile roof of Blue House (Cheongwadae). Just dream of an encounter with the breath of Seoul with Taegeuk Blue.

15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Nile Green

Source of replenishment and nourishment

The lush green Nile renews the land and blesses lives. Plunge into Nile Green to be renewed and be a blessing to others.

15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Hayao Green

Enchanted with the world of lush greenery from the adventurous eyes

Catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji behind the greenery of Tokyo, and run after your own legendary castle in the sky with Hayao Green.

15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Maldives Blue

The epitome of beauty and vastness

Surround yourself with the soothing sight of Maldives Shimmering Turquoise. What a wonderful day!


15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Elizabeth Purple

Sovereign of refined and regal elegance

A city awash in royal history for centuries, London piques curiosity about what life would be like as a royal. With Elizabeth Purple, exude your writing with a touch of nobility and luxury.


15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Coral Pink

The greatest natural wonder of tranquility

A beautiful landscape of corals and vibrant array of marine life feature Queensland coast. Have a close encounter of the astounding beauty by your imagination with Coral Pink.


15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Gaudi Blue 

Captivate and submerge in the comforting blue of the genius with endless imagination and ingenuity!

Barcelona can’t be conceived without the legacy of its most universal architect. Let the shade of Gaudi Blue illuminate your creativity.


15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Logos Black

Word is Power

Слово, возникшее от греческого “Logos”, буквально означает “слово” с философским контекстом “принцип порядка и знания” и является высшей и благороднейшей функцией человека. Проявите силу слова вместе с Logos Black.

15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Eiffel Murky Brown 

A beacon of light and hope

Let the light and hope dwell in you with a shade of Eiffel Murky Brown.


15ml | 30ml | 50ml available

Da Vinci Charcoal Grey

Have the Universe in your mind and hands.

The home to our Renaissance master, the art-filled Florence is pulsated with creativity, new ideas and artistic experimentation. Fall in love with da Vinci Charcoal Grey to express your brightest and inventive imagination.


More than a Pen

Pierre Cardin Writing Instrument as the pioneering writing instrument brand to integrate fashion concept into our brand value City Fantasy – 15 colours solemnly selected by professional and amateur pen fans

Story behind Ink Naming

New distribution channel experience

An amazing business and brand awareness enhancement by expanding the distribution channels to Art & Craft shops, coffee shops, bookstores, and more others to come…

New distribution channel experience

An amazing business and brand awareness enhancement by expanding the distribution channels to Art & Craft shops, coffee shops, bookstores, and more others to come…

Our mission

Why use fountain pens for sketching?

Not only the colour of the ink but the type of ink gives numerous possibilities e.g. ink + water colour; ink + water

Dye based inks will bleed and wash away with water and other liquids to create a surprising effect to your sketchesFeel the gentle flow of ink – a very therapeutic experience!

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