Pierre Cardin – Newsletter Nov 2022

Pen Show


Woo!! From Hong Kong airport, our 6 ink-colored cats rocked with pen and ink fans in Tokyo Pen Show.

The 3-day show, organized by Tokyo International Pen Show Executive Committee with the mission of bringing back to adults and children the joy of writing, offered a fun party experience with a broad selection of pens, ink and related writing instruments from exhibitors in Japan and around the world.

Our 6 ink-colored cats (by yoeshee_calligraphy) have stirred up an exceptional WOW atmosphere in the party, and our latest ink series of ‘Colours of Catasy’ and i-Meow’ glass pens were widely acclaimed by the Show visitors.

Ink-ligraphy can be So FUN!

Pen Show
Pen Show
Pen Show
Pen Show
Pen Show


“December to Remember”

Hang out love and creativity –‘Colour It Yourself’ (CIY) for your Christmas!

Colouring isn’t something that only kids enjoy!

With our easy and fun CIY set, colour them in and string them up, brighten up your tree, your windows, your desktop, or wherever you like.


CIY Set for Christmas décor and cards

  • 4 classic festive ink colour combo (Red, Green, Amber, and Copper)
  • 3 die-cut Christmas décor cards by Vansketcher (https://www.instagram.com/vansketcher/)
  • 3 CIY cards + envelops
  • 3 hang strings
  • 1 iBrush pen
  • 1 DUO Dip glass pen

Patience is Virtue

Our latest 2 sets of fountain pen and ball pen, Patience, in Baby Blue and Midnight Blue brass pen tubes etched in classical square pattern, signifying the most magical moment with glowing patience.

With our stainless steel iSharp pen nib, Patience is a good writing partner from daily communication to professional calligraphy.

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