We Make the Pen Difference

We Make the Pen difference

We Make the Pen Difference


Every idea starts with a pen. 


With a wide selection of pen types and tip sizes, our writing instruments display quality and creativity, enabling you to present passionately your great ideas by writing, coloring or drawing.


Either to add fine details, draw thick outlines, or lettering, there’s one for you.



i-Fine pack includes 6 pens – 5 with pen nibs of 0.1mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm (made in Japan); 1 i-Fine (0.5mm) filled with black waterproof ink (made in Germany); and 1 fine fibre-tip brush.

You can inject your own ink colour into each i-Fine for writing, drawing, sketching, colouring, finelining…. Use these different nib widths to create outlines, shading effects and depth that beautifully presents the layering effect for your drawing!

Sample Video (3 mins)



A good portable partner for hand lettering and drawing. By adjusting your grip and pressure on the brush pen, its soft tip can draw different strokes and styles. Great choice for beginners to experience so much fun of hand lettering with i-Brush!

Sample Video (3 mins)


Duo Dip Glass Dip Pens

Its beautiful elegant design with 9 grooves can hold a maximum of 9 ink colours, and is particular good for ink play! Simply dip the spiral pen tip into the inkwell to the hold the ink. Clean it just by dipping the pen tip into water and wiping it with a cotton cloth.

Inspired from the champagne cork, the glittering Duo Dip 2.0 glass pen is a perfect partner for ink colour mixing and writing. It’s easy to grip and write. Such a fun to write with this fashionable glass pen!

The long Duo Dip 3.0 glass pen has 5 colour choices of pen tube (silver, black, pink, blue, purple), and the thickness of its shaft is about 5 mm, which is quite thin for a glass pen. It is similar to holding a pencil and can offer expressive line variation.

You can use sand paper to grind lightly. Just need to change the angle all the time and grind off all the sharp edges, so it will not scratch the paper. Store Duo Dip into a box, and protect the pen tip with a hose.

Sample Video (4 mins)

Fountain pen series

A classic portable writing instrument for general calligraphy, and it is also widely used in sketching to achieve more expressive lines.



i-Sharp is a fude nib that is bent upwards and can thus produce lines with varying widths depending on how the pen is held – drag the nib sideways across the paper to get thick stroke. You will get thin lines when holding the nib upright. 


Ball pen series

Ball pens are the most popular style of pen that stick with us from school to work. It is a close companion in our daily life.

Our meticulous ballpoint collection, with exceptional design using a sumptuous range of materials and a variety of colours, is beyond functional writing instruments. From exquisite craftsmanship to slim and simple pen barrel designs, you can absolutely find one that best fits your personality. 

Our ballpoint ink is oil-based that dries quickly, giving you a smooth writing experience and clean lines at a great value.


Rollerball pen series

Similar to the mechanics of ballpens, our rollerball pens use water-based (or gel-based) ink that flows freely and takes a little while to dry, producing a vivid line that’s thicker and more dynamic.

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