Pierre Cardin – Newsletter Dec 2021



New obsession to calligraphy fans – DUODIP Glass Pen


Originated from Murano in Italy in the 18th century, glass dip
pen is a piece of art and is fun to use!


Each pen boasts a beautiful and unique
design; the cool and contoured glass feels good in your hand. It is
definitely a great and inexpensive tool to express you artistically.



WhatsApp Image 2021-12-06 at 12.50.45 PM

Due to their booming popularity in the Japanese market, we
are proud to share the successful launch of our new series of DUODIP
glass pen in 2021 Tokyo International Penshow on November
12 – 14, 2021 in Japan, the first international penshow after the
global pandemic.


Glass dip pens can last for a long time as long as they
are treated with care. Our glass pen set is probably the first set in
the global market with a fine sandpaper made in Germany included. 

To remedy the worn pen nip, just use
the sandpaper and gently sand the tip back to its original state.

Surprise your customers with DUODIP set
at the upcoming Christmas, an affordable and glorious gift that shows
love and warmth! Feel free to contact us for special offer of your


Pioneer to Expand Beyond Limit 


We are so honored to be invited by Hong Kong Trade &
Development Council (HKTDC) to have our own showcase in their Design
Gallery from November 2021.


The products we collaborated with four HK artists,
together with our best-selling WE-SHARE set, will be showcased in HKTDC
Design Gallery, a retail platform dedicated to promoting the
creativity, innovation and excellence of Hong Kong products to
international clientele, sharing with the world the warmth and fun of
calligraphy, drawing and origami!



a series of post-card drawings (10 cards per pack) inspired from the
blue ocean that brings calmness amidst daily hustle and bustle, with
encouraging words in beautiful calligraphy by @yoeshee_calligraphy.







origami fun packs (Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced Levels)
collaborated with Kade Chan, an origami talent selected as one of the
Ten Outstanding Young Persons 2020 in Hong Kong.






an innovative inkwell wholly developed by i-Way Co., Ltd.




The new collaboration has been reported by HK Headline, one of the most
popular newpaper media in Hong Kong.



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