Tainan Pen Show 2019

Tainan Sienna Red
The red bricks & tiles weave a unique sensibility of both past and present
The colour of sienna red has been filled up in Tainan daily lives – from the warmth of sunset at Provintia and the Anping Orange Castle, the red walls of the Confucius Temple, to the enthusiasm of local people.
It’s the place to dream, to work, to fall in love, to get married, and to live casually!
Tainan emanates history and tradition – in the exposed redbrick walls and remnants that tell tales of early Dutch settlers at Fort Anping and Fort Provintia; in the ancient temples and shrines that have remained authentic in the face of modernization; behind the doors they tell their own stories and gorgeous past. People live in their own ways, savoring their own happiness! 
Yeh Shih-Tao, the famous Taiwanese writer born there, describes Tainan as “a place for people to dream, work, fall in love, get married and live leisurely.”